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Digitise Your IT Services

Digitising IT Management

In today’s digital age, applications and the infrastructure that support them, are now one and the same. Interactions with an organisation's digital assets is the new customer service where availability, speed and simplicity shapes the user experience.

We are revolutionising how businesses approach their IT function, moving away from a reliance on human capital and towards a digital delivery and support model powered by automation and digital workers.

Traditional IT services are inefficiently delivered by teams of technical specialists. Building and maintaining such teams is extremely expensive, and they are usually too focused on complex technical details, not the most important indicators of business performance.

By taking a simplified, SaaS based approach to the fundamental elements of IT services management, day-to-day activities - deployments and operations - are handled by dedicated digital workers.

Our unique model reliably delivers more responsive, more cost-effective, and more business-centric outcomes.

What We Do

Our service offerings help clients adopt a strategic approach to improving IT resilience, and operational agility. Our offerings include:

Digital Service Delivery

  • Automated digital IT services that deliver a more cost-efficient profile than traditional managed services costs
  • Digital workers that augment your workforce to perform key functions as part of your IT operations
  • Workforce of the future design, reducing your need to recruit and maintain an expensive team of specialists or outsource to vendors

Digital Support

  • Digital support models that scale from small infrastructure changes to large end to end organisational-wide transformational activities
  • Automated and on-demand SaaS platform to manage your IT operations
  • Support for a broad range of ICT infrastructure vendors, integrating with popular ITIL/ITSM tools and the apps you used every day


We think, deliver, and do things differently. How do you structure the workforce for the future? Many organisations are thinking about automation, AI, and digital workers but are uncertain on where to begin.

Baseline Assessment: We partner with our clients to take a snapshot of your current state, determine cost and service level efficiency of your IT and infrastructure. We use that output to develop the strategic roadmap to embark on your digitisation and automation journey.

Avicenna Monitoring: We partner with clients to provide a holistic view of what’s happening across your whole IT stack, as it relates to your business operations. You are then given access to our powerful near real-time dashboards, via our SaaS platform, for full visibility of when things are working well and granularity into the specific issues when they aren't.

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